Who we are:

Trees & Trails is a coalition of neighbors, La Cumbre Mutual Water Company shareholders and local non-profit organizations that formed to support the Modoc Multi-Use Path project.

We believe the project is essential and will be transformative. By working together with the community, the entities that must approve the project can create a design that is consistent with the Conservation Easement. We understand the value and need for stewardship of the Modoc Open Space and support planning for its future.

Why we support The Path:

Undeveloped land is precious and increasingly rare. We fully support the Conservation Easement which includes development protections; management, restoration and enhancement of the open space and expanding trail access so the entire community can enjoy natural spaces regardless of age or ability. Making the Modoc Open Space accessible to everyone requires the construction of a hard surface, all-weather path. Santa Barbara County’s Path project completes this important work using a hard-won $5.4 million state grant supplemented by local matching funds.

The Modoc Multi-use Path project is transformative and long-awaited. When completed, the Path project will provide many benefits for new users, while maintaining existing access for current users. See a list of path benefits below!

How we support The Path:

Trees & Trails members are here to help. We share the community’s priorities and the landowners’ vision for the Modoc Open Space. We want the Path project completed and are pitching in to make sure it happens. For example, our research turned up The Plan for Managing and Operating the Modoc Preserve prepared by the Water Company’s Modoc Committee and the Land Trust in 2001. The Plan provides important policy guidance for the uses of the Open Space, including Multi-purpose paths, but has been dormant for nearly two decades.

Some of the work done by our coalition includes:

  • Keeping the community informed

  • Providing the advice of subject experts on a range of issues from biology to trail building

  • Encouraging collaboration between decision-making entities

  • Serving as liaison between user groups and the County

  • Seeking consensus among stakeholders on project design

  • Showing up at meetings to support the project

  • Researching and providing complete access to history, legal documents, best practices, and other issues

  • Giving supporters a way to plug in and help the project and the Open Space

Path Project Benefits

  • Closes a 3/4 mile gap in the region’s world-class 20+ mile paved urban trail network

  • Extends Safe Routes to School for kids who bike or walk

  • Supports transportation choices for those who want to combat climate change

  • Can help manage and maintain the Open Space and reduce wildfire threats

  • Makes the Open Space accessible to the entire community

  • Includes planting of native trees and other habitat restoration

  • Provides places to rest, learn, and enjoy nature

  • Will be the integral part of a succession plan for the Modoc Open Space

  • Improves opportunities for other important grant-funded projects

  • Reduces vehicle collisions with unprotected bicyclists/pedestrians

  • Ensures existing users have separate trails for equestrians and walkers

  • Gives those with limited mobility a paved ADA-compliant path in a natural open space

Status of The Path:

Read recent Path updates here.

In the News:

Read more news articles about the Modoc Path here.

How you can help:

Join our group!
Send us an email at: ModocTreesAndTrails@gmail.com

Sign the petition supporting the path here.