Everything you need to know for the October 26 Town Hall

The Modoc Path Needs a Safer Design for All
E-Mail your comments using the form below, or attend the upcoming public meeting:

October 26, 2023
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Vieja Valley Elementary School (434 Nogal Dr.)

A 20-minute presentation will begin at 6 p.m.
It will be followed by a Q&A session and an opportunity to speak with County staff.


Who Are We? 

We are Trees & Trails, and we support the Modoc Path (Trails) and the open space (Trees). Our members include and work to learn from and inform: water company stockholders, environmentalists, subject experts, disabled and disenfranchised members of the public, equestrians, students, school families, cyclists of many kinds, birders, dog walkers, commuters, neighbors, social justice advocates, and others. 

What should we ask for at the Town Hall?

1. Ask the Decision Makers to Make a Path You Want to Use

Specific points to get a safer, wider path comfortable for people of all ages and abilities, inviting healthier, more economical and sustainable ways of getting out and about:

2. Ask Decision Makers to Design a Project That Improves Habitat Values of the Open Space. 

3. Give the Public a Fair Chance to Weigh In

Encourage the County to live up to their published “We Are” values:

4. Ask the Decision Makers to Follow Their Policies 

Updated 35% plans (10/19/2023)
* Colors/headings overlaid by Trees & Trails

Previous 35% plans (07/2023)
* Applies over 675 ft of proposed Modoc Path
* Users and colors overlaid by Trees & Trails

Tree Removal Summary

The October 2023 35% designs show an increase in the number of overall trees to be removed, and now a call for the removal of only 3 eucalyptus trees (compared to the previous 13), but at the expense of 7 native Coast Live Oak trees - see table/graph below. From an ecological perspective, the new 35% plans prioritize the wrong tree species. 

Additional Modoc Path project information is found on the County website here, and you can sign up for project updates here.

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